Stuffed Balloons

Stuffed Balloon Pricing
Basic Stuffed Balloon (Topped with Pull Bow) - $39.99+tax
Deluxe Stuffed Balloon (Topped with Foil Topper) - $44.99+tax
Premium Stuffed Balloon (Topped with Helium Bouquet) - $49.99+tax*

"Balloon-It" (Bring Your Own Items) Pricing
Basic "Balloon-It" (Topped with Pull Bow) - $26.99+tax
Deluxe "Balloon-It" (Topped with Foil Topper) - $29.99+tax

Premium "Balloon-It" (Topped with Helium Bouquet) - $34.99+tax*

*Foil Toppers & Helium Bouquets include a foil valued at $3.50 and $0.40 latex colours.

Upgrade Charges apply to any balloon choice of greater value(s)